Eric Wilson

Cloud Architect, Developer, Mentor & Trainer, and a CI/CD enthusiast. 

Hi 👋. ,

I’m Eric Wilson and I’m a Cloud Architect, Developer, Mentor & Trainer, and a CI/CD enthusiast.  

I have a little over 25 years of experience building distributed web-based and traditional client-server applications in a variety of markets.

I oversee the design from a technical perspective and when possible dive into the code myself.  This includes the front-end, backend & database design, including things like the technical design patterns, best practices, functional and non-functional requirements.

I constantly look at ways to improve Disaster Recovery, Scalability, and High Availability, as well as the Security of your systems. 

This also includes keeping your infrastructure safe by implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with tools like CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Terraform, and the AWS CKD, which can enable your entire stack in a matter of minutes.

I currently have 3 AWS Certifications as well as being an MSCD and MSCE and in a previous life, I was an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer). 

I’ve co-authored 2 books and I have a solo project in the works which should be out in mid to late 2021 - more like 2022 now 😉

If you need help with your cloud projects let's have a chat!

You can reach me on here or on LinkedIn (let's connect!)

Eric Wilson @ LinkedIn